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For the benefit of our customers:  Reliability and versatile safety-relevant certificates.Visible for everyone.


Our customers expect the highest possible reliability in all aspects of our business relations and in the safety of our products and complete systems. M&C does not only comply with the legal and government specifications, it goes above and beyond them. All our activities are aimed at meeting the higher demands of the market and the individual interests of our partners. That makes M&C a steady and reliable source of supply for our customers. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, and this success is for M&C both a task and an obligation. Furthermore, the quality of M&C products is backed by the extensive certifications and accreditations we have received.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Since 1995 our German M&C facilities (Ratingen and Ach) have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. To maintain the certified status, we continuously review and improve our processes to ensure reliable quality control and to reach our higher goal of meeting and exceeding requirements. Confidence and highest possible reliability are our guidelines.

ATEX- Directive 2014/34/EU, DIN EN ISO/IEC80079-34 / IECEX
Our location in Ratingen is also certified according to ATEX- Directive 2014/34/EU, DIN EN ISO/IEC80079-34 /IECEX standard. Based on these standards, M&C develops, tests and sells products for potentially explosive environments. We have a first-rate know-how in technical consulting and handling of this range of products.

KTA 1401
In 2010, our production facility in Ach, Germany, was certified in compliance with the KTA 1401 standard. This certification allows us to sell M&C products and systems to power companies with nuclear installations. This is another key competence of M&C.

AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) status “F” ("Customs Simplifications/Security")
M&C decided in 2011 not only to ensure the achieved quality and safety levels inside our organisation, but also externally along the entire supply chain to our customers outside Europe. Since 2012 we have been certified as an ‘Authorized Economic Operator (F)’. This certification confirms that we meet the criteria of the customs authorities for the highest safety and security standards of our production and supply chain.

Known consignor (KC)

With the successful AEO-F certification, M&C also complies with the safety standards of the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA). In the beginning of 2012, we were awarded the ‘Known consignor’ (KC) certificate. This certificate is valid for all air freight shipments from Germany to worldwide destinations.

To maintain the ‘Known consignor’ certificate, M&C must not only ensure the seamless security inside the company, but also along the whole supply chain. All of the carriers need to be certified as ‘regulated agents’. Only a regulated agent can pick up goods at M&C to transport them to the airport. These certified shipments are considered ‘safe’. They are loaded directly from the transport vehicle to the aircraft.

Non-certified shipments take longer to ship, because x-ray devices at airport control or the regulated agents have difficulties to examine our compact and modular products and systems. The ‘Known consignor’ certification helps us to avoid extra shipping time and unnecessary costs. That means for us and for our customers the greatest possible planning security.

There are about 4,000 companies certified as ‘Known consignor’ in Germany (as per the end of Juli 2015). About 10,000 companies are on the waiting list. M&C was one of the first companies to be awarded with this certificate. It took a lot of intensive preparation, investment, organisational modifications and external audits to receive this outstanding award.

At a glance: the advantages.
We assure our customers:

• No delayed deliveries:  we will meet our confirmed delivery dates.
• No loss of quality – no risk of security-related repackaging of our products and systems at the airport. This means
low risk of damage to M&C goods or packaging.
• No additional price increases due to security measures as x-ray devices or hand search.
• Last but not least: delivery of our goods at the highest security level possible.

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