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Working at M&C

Working at M&C.
Everything works together: Good benefits and good corporate feeling.


M&C is a global player and a reliable, well-known international brand. The M&C company group is also a highly attractive employer.

We are proud of our perfect working conditions and great working atmosphere. We, the M&C management and staff, work together to create a positive and safe working environment.

This is simply who we are.

• As a long-standing successful company, M&C offers secure, long-term working positions for all employees.
• There is no hire and fire
• Our facilities are well-established, no relocations.
• M&C is well-known on the global market, both as a brand and as a company.
• M&C’s business policy is dependable, responsible and always committed to its customers and employees.

M&C offers secure employment positions and is committed to long-term working contracts for all employees. We, as a company, are flexible and make room for individual working hours. Our employees have their own custom-made working schedules.

Our employees enjoy various kinds of professional development opportunities at M&C.
We train our employees, internal and external, to ensure that together we all improve in what we do best. Our on-the-job training is open for every colleague to improve continually the professional development of our company.

Working and social environment.
• It’s basic for us: our excellent working atmosphere, great work-place environment
and state of the art work equipment.
• Worth mentioning: Work places with day light and air conditioning.
• Positive values: we have them and stick to them. In what we think and what we do.
• M&C’s hierarchy is flat and our management style is unconventional, with an open
information and communication policy.
• Our decision-making process goes beyond hierarchical boundaries.
• Discussions are welcome and we value good input from everybody.
• We put inspiring ideas instantly into practice.
• A lot of decision-making freedom:  we trust each other and enjoy the freedom to
carry out work without overpowering bureaucracy or control.
• Having a good time at work - It’s always ok to have fun at M&C.
• The human touch – we live by it, encourage it and we provide support at M&C.
• Togetherness – at our annual holiday party and at other corporate events -
this gives our colleagues a sense of community.

• Competitive income with regular annual increments.
• There is more - vacation benefits (60% of the monthly income) and Christmas bonuses
(100% of the monthly income).
• Incentive and special bonus payments at the end of a successful year. Extra allowance for family celebrations like
weddings and child birth.
• We can also help if there is a financial challenge for one of our employees.

• Generous policy for company car choices and optional car equipment.
• Our break rooms welcome everyone to relax, talk and to enjoy their food.
• The balcony, roof terrace and fitness room invite employees to take a break and get away from it all.
• In our break rooms, we offer free warm and cold beverages to everyone, to let everybody feel like home.
• We remember every birthday or anniversary with a little gift and a little party.
• For the big break, we can offer our own vacation home.
• Conference rooms are themed – a new world for every successful meeting.
• Last but not least – We offer extensive measures to ensure safety at work and promote health care.

There is much more to M&C. Really. Please feel free to ask us about employment at M&C. We are glad to answer all of your questions. Or, if you want to check out M&C for yourself, just apply for a job.
We would love to see you here.

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