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M&C´s group of companies

M&C TechGroup: M&C’s group of companies

Since 1985, the former ‘M&C Products Analysentechnik GmbH’ company has developed  in to a German-based, medium-sized, owner-managed group of companies with locations worldwide. By expanding, especially into the international market, and adding more versatile businesses to its core competencies, the M&C TechGroup has changed a great deal over the years. Here is the current organisational chart of M&C’s group of companies:

The headquarters of the M&C group is well-established with two manufacturing locations in Germany.
M&C is represented in the USA, in China and India by fully operational subsidiaries.
There are also some separate companies within the M&C TechGroup, who are responsible for individual operational tasks inside the M&C group.
The ‘M&C TechGroup Sales Service’ company employs international sales professionals in Europe and the ‘M&C TechGroup MechParts GmbH’ is specialised in the manufacturing of mechanical components. The ‘M&C TechGroup Real Estate GmbH’ incorporates, manages and maintains all international real estate properties owned by M&C. The group is financially and legally in all regards independent, and takes responsibility for defining its own corporate policy.

Next to the operational subsidiaries, there are also a number of international sales offices or area management representatives worldwide.

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