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New Ex pumps of the MP series

Our analytical bellows pumps. Now also available as Ex versions.

Successfully tested and established in the market
Now available with Type Examination Certificate
for EX zone 1
• Ex versions suitable for mounting in zone 1 IIC T3
• Ex versions suitable for gases of zone 1 IIC T3

Successfully tested and established in the market
M&C bellows pumps are designed to meet and exceed the specific demands from analytical systems. They are ideally suited for transporting corrosive gases.

Product features of the Ex pumps
• Materials which are resistant to corrosive media
• Lubricant free to ensure the integrity of sampled gas
• Maintenance free construction
• Long term reliability
• Very low maintenance costs

The ex  pumps are configured with various connection positions – either on the side or on the top of the pump head. The mounting of the pump head is adjustable in steps of 90 degrees.
These new M&C
analytical pump are now available in 16 versions, 230 V or 115 V, as well as two options for flow capacity.
A detailed data sheet and a user-friendly manual are available. Further information and support is available from M&C Technical Department in Ratingen/Germany, national and international sales mangers (details can be found on the webpage) and of course in the website itself.

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