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Back to overview 2020-03-23

Activities due to COVID-19

Our top priority is to protect the health not only of our own employees, but also that of our contact partners outside the M&C Company Group and its branches to the greatest extent possible. We also want to ensure that M&C maintains its operational capability and continues to be available.

Basically, M&C has divided its staff into two large groups that alternate every two weeks. We thereby ensure that always 50 % of the employees are not exposed to the risk of infection or quarantine to the greatest safety possible (incubation period according to WHO approx. six to eight days). We also have re-organized parts of the core and peripheral processes by transferring them to home offices and thus achieving a very high degree of smooth continuation of activities.

If, however, despite these measures, there are delays in order acceptance, order processing, production or delivery, we kindly ask you to excuse this in view of the current situation and its numerous uncertainties and quick changing situations. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Accompanying measures include bans on visiting M&C Group sites as well as travel bans for our sales representatives and service specialists. We have therefore developed and implemented alternatives as long as the hazardous situation continues.

Further elements of the comprehensive protection concept are reporting obligations for illnesses in the vicinity of employees and particularly extensive hygiene regulations/enhanced cleaning of buildings and other reasonable measures recommended by relevant medical and administrative authorities. These include, for example, stringent special rules for minimized internal meetings and working groups.

We hope that this comprehensive safety package will provide a good contribution to achieving effective protection for the M&C team and all our contact partners.

Supplies to Customer Companies
In addition to the health and social systems, the economic systems of almost all countries of the world are more and more affected to a greater or lesser extent by the effects of the corona virus. Disturbed operational processes, but also damaged logistics chains with delivery disruptions are the direct consequences of the current virus spread.

In recent days, we increasingly had to face the fact that, e.g., consignments have been returned, no available or more expensive air freight capacities, or large transport companies being unable to give us binding delivery dates, especially for deliveries abroad.

Today we want to inform you that against this background M&C has decided to consider the basic supply of our customer companies as a priority and to dispatch M&C products as soon as possible after production has been completed. In this context, we will immediately carry out all deliveries regardless of any specific delivery date that may have been agreed to. We believe that this decision is in the interest of all customers of the M&C Group and will return to our usual delivery reliability when the logistics chains prove to be reliable again.

The measures will be revoked if the overall situation allows this with certainty. We wish all our customers, market partners, service providers and other reference groups - as well as our employees of course - good overall health and above all an infection-free period for the next months. Take care and good luck! We will be happy to see all of you well!.

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