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Oxygen analyzer GenTwo® PMA 1000

Innovative new oxygen analyzer with many unique features.

The new oxygen analyzer PMA 1000 will replace the existing PMA 100. The new analyzer is not simply an improved version but a complete new development utilising innovative technology – that’s why we call it a new generation (“GenTwo” or Generation Two).

The PMA 1000 will be the first of a new product line incorporating these unique features delivering a number of benefits to our customers.  

The oxygen analyzer GenTwo – PMA 1000 provides:
• Universal Touch Screen interface for all GenTwo analyzers
• Intuitive graphic user interface similar to those of smartphones
• Easy to use task menu without nesting or complex menu navigation
• Storage of data for one year
• Nine menu languages available
• Onboard documentation for quick information access
• One-View Info – all relevant information available on one screen
• Visual self-diagnosis – the screen displays the complete design of the system with an integrated
check of all functions
• Quick-Step calibration – manually or through a self-defined routine, individual naming of sample
points possible
• TCP /IP – open interfaces ensure access for legacy or future systems.
• TCP/IP remote control
• HSS outlet (24 V power supply integrated for relay control)
• Universal power supply (100 V … 250 V/ 50 Hz … 60Hz) for global use

Added value:
• As always from M&C, comprehensive technical back-up services
• Proven and quick replacement service when needed
• In-house service department.

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