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Quality Policy

Always on a high level. Always M&C-wide.


At M&C TechGroup and all its affiliated companies, we consider quality policy to be an essential part of manufacturing and supplying all our products and special systems. This also includes pre-sales and after-sales service, and of course any other business process between manufacturing and after-sales.

Quality is the principle of all M&C activities, and it is based on our unique way of thinking. Each and every member of the staff is expected to do their best to enhance quality in everything we think and do. This includes an open and creative mind-set towards all relevant decisions and actions.

Objectives and values.
• Achieving the highest possible quality with competitive pricing
• Reaching the best price-performance ratio possible
• Constant monitoring and optimizing of the M&C organization to makesure that we are alwaysfocussed
on the demands of the market and customers and to ensure the highest possible degree of customer
• Generating adequate company profits to secure economic viability and
  the potential for future developments of the M&C group,
• Well-defined and implemented quality policy as a competitive tool,
• Employee motivation and satisfaction, fostering a value-oriented company policy of corporate identity.
• Highest possible degree of environmental protection.

M&C uses a wide range of strategic tools to verify the current quality standard and to identify potential for improvement. These tools include regular and/or additional on-demand monitoring of business processes, surveys, evaluations, as well as relevant national and international standard specifications. We use these well-established tools to continuously improve our current quality stages.
The essential indicator for the way we have reached our goals is the rating from our customers.

Quality improvement is vital for M&C. It is our goal and our permanent challenge to enhance our quality standards company-wide. We, the M&C management and the staff, have been improving the quality of our service and our products continuously through clear structures and methods. An important tool is the internal and external training across all hierarchies.
M&C will not only maintain its quality standards, but will always look for better solutions.

M&C - Embracing Challenge

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