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The M&C brand

The brand M&C.
Purposefully developed. With intent.


Development of a brand
As part of an initiative to improve general business performances, M&C addressed the brand strategy of the existing M&C brand, established since 1985.  In a ‘branding’ project, which was carried out by a company-wide team, the M&C brand was analyzed, evaluated and further developed with regard to its content and impact to the market.
Today, the results of this team project form the goals of the M&C group addressing the questions: who we are and how we want to present ourselves?

This eighteen month long project defines the high expectations of ourselves and helps us to establish the M&C brand as a premium brand on the global market. It’s our goal to achieve the best possible performance in accordance with the demands and conditions of the market.To reach this fundamental objective, we are continuously improving our capabilities step-by-step.

Our claim ‘Embracing Challenge’
In 2012, we adopted our new global claim (mission statement, motif, banner, standard?): ‘Embracing Challenge’. This statement encompasses our dedication and commitment to find customer solutions for even the most challenging technical or non-technical tasks. Today we are proud to supply the market with innovative technical solutions. Continuously, we work to solve all of our customers’ application challenges. This is our competitive advantage, and we are working hard to retain and expand it.

Realization: corporate design and corporate product design
Literally the most visible result of our ‘branding‘ project was the introduction of a completely new corporate product design. But we didn’t stop there. We have also established a brand new corporate design for print media and for our internet presence. This ‘rejuvenating’ process has been a real success for M&C.

That’s how we increase our impact

These brand principles determine our actions

1. Core values of the brand
Are our actions in sync with the core values of the brand?
2. Embracing challenge

Is this self-image always in the center of what we do?

3. Responsibility

Are we ready to stand up for our cause in any situation?

4. Internationality

Is it relevant on an international level?

5. Added value

Is the added value of our performance visible?

6. Breeding grounds

Do we consider future trends?

7. Excellence

Do our customers take notice of our achievements?

8. Design

Does it mirror as many as possible of our design elements?

Activities outside of the circle will be rejected.
Brand - contact points


This sets us apart.

The Core values of M&C

Predictable and reliable technologies, company policies and actual conduct.
German engineering
Planning, developing, designing and manufacturing are exclusively ‘Made in Germany‘.
An independent group of companies without external pressures.
Industry expert
Established in the highly specialised gas analyser market for more than 25 years.
Application know-how
Excellent experience in offering adequate applications for 26 different kinds of industries.
Willingness to adapt
Willingness to adapt efficiently and effectively to the demands of the various markets.

Drive for action
Looking for internal and external challenges to further enhance our professional development.
No improper advantages. Clearly defined rules. Taking responsibility for possible errors. Spirit of goodwill.


The key to our success

The determining factors for the future of M&C


Becoming more global
Further expansion of the sales structure and multilingual competence, focusing on new developing markets.
Clear focus on customer-specific services and solutions.
Sustainable expansion of our services world-wide.

Industry trends

Higher degree of user and service-friendliness for all our products and custom-made systems.
Consulting skills
Continuously updating our knowledge of all kinds of requirements, needs and changing regulations.
Research & development
Improving existing products. New technical solutions for future requirements.
System supplier
Focusing on special systems with specific requirements.


This is how others see us.

Clear strengths and benefits in the eyes of our customers
This stable and long-term position of strength is confirmed by the positive feedback from our customers.

We are often chosen as a preferred supplier, because we set standards in terms of quality and service in our industry.
Reliable technology
We offer proven, durable and advanced products and solutions, with renowned longevity.
Premium quality
We always provide high quality products and systems.
Problem solver
We are always available, even for the most demanding tasks.
We ask the right questions, and we deliver the right answers
We established ourselves as a reliable and dependable long-term business partner.
Valued relationships
For our customers we are far more than just a business partner.
Positive partnerships
We always promote fair conduct in all interactions with our market partners.
Customer specific
We understand our customers‘ requirements and always look for the most appropriate solutions.
Strong market presence
We are market leaders in Germany and have a strong presence world-wide.

M&C -  Embracing Challenge


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