Our Brand – Our Values

Ever since its foundation in 1985, M&C has continuously developed and expanded both as a company and as a brand. In 2012, the group of companies has sharpened its profile with the then introduced motto “Embracing Challenge” and has further professionalized its brand management. The registered trademark is one of M&C's core values.

The motto reflects our willingness to accept any technical or other challenge in the business field of gas analysis and to offer a customer- and demand-oriented solution. We are very proud of the fact that M&C has always been able to meet all requirements and that this has resulted in a special appreciation of the company's performance in the market.

Today, M&C is pleased to confirm that in terms of the group, its products and other services, the M&C brand is highly valued in all markets. The corporate image maintained over many years has fostered the sustained outstanding development of the group. M&C also enjoys a good reputation as an employer with a high level of employee retention.

The further brand development is based on a corporate identity concept that encompasses all brand touchpoints of M&C and is regularly monitored and adapted to the ongoing development of the Group. A key element of brand management is our corporate design approach, which includes M&C’s products and is also reflected in the corporate architecture of the three German locations.

These Qualities Set Us Apart - M&C’s Brand Values

The eight M&C brand values represented in an octagon
  • German Engineering Performance
    Development, construction, manufacturing and service exclusively in accordance with high German standards within the framework of national and international regulations.
  • Independence
    In every respect, independent group of companies without any external influence.
  • Industry Expertise
    Established, experienced player in the gas analysis market for many years.
  • Application Know-How
    Excellent technical competence resulting from a wide range of practical experience in various industries and application fields.
  • Market Orientation
    Competent and professional adaptation of requirements from the various markets, customer groups and applications.
  • Enthusiasm
    Looking for external as well as internal challenges for the best possible further development of the customer companies and our own group of companies.
  • Fairness
    No taking advantages of others. Clear “rules of the game” for good and long‑term customer relations, awareness of possible errors. Fair dealings and goodwill.
  • Reliability
    Reliable technologies and a high level of production quality. Transparent corporate policy. Strongly value-based behavior, both externally and internally.
“Our vision is to meet every challenge of our customers in a cost-oriented way with high competence and reliable long-term performance quality.”
Olaf Sommer, Managing Shareholder

This is how we are perceived by others

Eight characteristics how M&C is perceived from the outside

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