M&C Limited Edition

We proudly present our three strictly limited products - the Boxwood 2000 gas sample probe, the Cozy 3000 pre-filter and the Flashstrike 1500 gas sample tube will be available from April 1, 2021.

Gas Sample Probe Boxwood 2000
Strictly adhering to the sustainability approach, our product Boxwood 2000 has been developed to install a bit of nature even on industrial chimney stacks. As its housing is completely covered with greenery, the probe is very robust against all external influences, and spare parts are placed firmly on the densely planted surface. The first 50 orders will be rewarded with packets of free wildflower seeds for customizing vegetation. In addition, M&C will soon be able to offer further product variants with other types of greenery.

Pre-Filter Cozy 3000
For use in extremely cold processes, our Cozy 3000 probe pre-filter has been developed. This tubular pre-filter including support tube consists of a 6-layer structure for maximum efficiency in de-icing. Of course no animal products are used to produce this special pre-filter. We rely entirely on artificial fibers and use highly innovative materials. Therefore, the pre-filter guarantees frost-free conditions and thus 100 % operational reliability as well as full functionality even at arctic minus temperatures!

Sample Tube Flashstrike 1500
In response to frequent requests from our customers to enable visual inspection of the operating status of gas sample tubes, our R&D department has developed a future-oriented solution, the Flashstrike 1500. Using the latest LED technology, the illuminated sample tube indicates the operational status by changing colors from green to orange or red in order to signal a proper function, a malfunction or non-function. Without additional tools and without losing time, service technicians are thus able to detect impending faults at a glance and in a timely manner. To cater for the needs of users suffering from red-green deficiencies, M&C offers an add-on module for triggering acoustic warning signals under the order code “Scream 1000”.

Order now and get your favorite product! The strictly limited edition is supplied with a unique number code and a certificate. Be sure to have an original M&C product in use.


Happy April Fool's Day! On April 1, we played a prank and launched a “Limited Edition”. April Fool's Day is an old custom in many countries of the world, where people are misled by fictitious stories, fake news or information. Although the product line was very well received, we hold on to the original design of the M&C products.

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