Construction Progress Ratingen


In January 2020, the construction work to expand the operating plant in Ratingen by establishing a second site in the immediate vicinity of the current company head office began as originally planned. A mild and relatively dry winter meant that the general contractor was able to start all work according to schedule.

The most visible progress was, of course, made in the first few months of the year, when the building structures for both the production hall and the additional new office building were constructed. Here, progress was obvious almost from day to day. We are particularly pleased that so far, none of the companies involved has been affected by Corona-related delays.

The shell construction stage is currently coming to an end, and first interior design activities have already begun. In fact, M&C’s building project is right on schedule and it is becoming increasingly certain that the target completion or handover date envisaged for the end of 2020 has been set quite realistically.

Over the next few weeks, all M&C employees will have the opportunity to visit the new building complex and take a closer look at the setup of the modern new workplaces.