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For M&C, the constantly high quality of products and services in connection with customer‑oriented support is a top priority. Therefore, we have always placed special emphasis on the long service life of our products in economic and technical terms. Our customer service will be pleased to answer your questions before and after the purchase – and will, of course, handle repair cases. If an M&C device has failed, is limited in its function or shows any other damage, please send it to our technical service department for inspection after prior consultation.

To avoid delays due to further queries, please follow the steps below:


Please note:

Steps 1 to 3 are absolutely essential in order to comply with the valid occupational safety and environmental protection regulations. In case of non-compliance, we reserve the right to return the device unrepaired and at your expense.

Products whose conveyed media are classified as hazardous to health must not be sent in for repair without prior consultation with our technical service department.




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