Extension Building in Final Construction Phase

The M&C extension site in Ratingen is now entering its final construction stage. The only item left on the agenda is the completion of the interior work, which is being carried out intensively in many areas. Only after the formal handover of the new M&C building complex, the green areas covering 2,100 m2 will be created and designed as a final step.

Walls, floors and ceilings are ready for acceptance to a large extent. Some of the stair railings and lighting in parts of the building group as well as other details relating to the new construction are still missing.

The relocation of the M&C manufacturing to the new production hall is the core activity, which will begin according to schedule before the end of March 2021 by setting up and installing the new manufacturing equipment. The aim is to have the production completely relocated by May 2021 at the latest and to ramp up production at the new location.

M&C will use the current Ratingen site exclusively as an administrative building, but the production that has so far been taking place there will not be phased out until the new manufacturing facility is fully operational. The production site in Aach, Baden-Württemberg, will not be affected by the expansion activities in Ratingen anyway. Therefore, as matters stand, delays in delivery are not to be expected – the security of supply for M&C customers is the decisive control parameter here.