Extension Building Officially Handed Over

The M&C extension building at the Ratingen site has been completed! According to schedule, the building complex was officially handed over in the second half of May. As a final step, the green areas covering 2,100 m2 around the group of buildings are now being laid out. This work has already been started and has made good progress.

The core activity is the relocation of M&C's production, warehouse/logistics, system engineering and service department to the new production facility, which has already begun at the end of March. The time target is to gradually ramp up the completely newly equipped production by around the end of September 2021. At the same time, the equipping and furnishing of the office building and the social/infrastructure section will be completed.

M&C will continue to use the existing Ratingen site exclusively as business premises. For the time being, production at the current location will be maintained to its full extent in order to prevent delivery delays - the security of supply for M&C customers will thus be ensured.