Special Systems by M&C

M&C's special systems have been designed and manufactured for the world market for almost 40 years at the German sites in Ratingen and Aach - with their own engineering department.

You have an application requirement with complex or difficult measuring tasks? We will be pleased to accept this challenge. Thanks to the technical competence of our experienced experts, we have been able to implement all requirements so far. The spectrum of project planning and system solutions ranges from smaller conditioning plates to densely packed large containers - from batch size one up to large-volume repeat orders.

M&C Special Systems

for Process Gas Analysis

Our Goals


  • Fulfilment of your requirement parameters for process reliability and productivity increase
  • High system availability, high economic efficiency
  • Optimum system engineering for constantly high product quality
  • Cost advantages regarding procurement and operation to strengthen the competitiveness of system operators
  • High profitability increase through minimized life cycle costs
  • Simple integration of new systems into operating environments
  • Compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and requirements


M&C's Services at a Glance


  • Technical Advice & Project Planning
    We show our professional competence right from the initial technical consultation and during the project planning stage.
  • Acceptance
    The system acceptance takes place either on our premises or directly at your site.
  • System Installation
    Our engineers support you worldwide during the installation, commissioning and functional testing of the new system.
  • Maintenance
    On request, we also conclude maintenance contracts to ensure the long‑term functionality of the commissioned systems.
  • Instruction & Training
    The system delivery also comprises customized instruction and practical training for professional handling and maintenance of the systems and their individual components.
  • Documentation
    We create all documents according to our own high‑level and practice‑oriented documentation standard. However, we will also be pleased to comply with the specifications of your company.

Our Support Services


  • Telephone Support
    Our technical team is at your disposal and will give you competent advice.
  • On-site Assistance
    If necessary, our specialists will be on site and carry out troubleshooting and fault clearance, e.g. in case of disturbing influences in the operating environment.
  • Repair Service
    Sending in devices that are deficient or are to be serviced is possible at any time. Please note our return conditions. In this case, we will carry out all the necessary work swiftly and cost‑effectively in consultation with you.
  • Compliance with Standards
    We comply with applicable national and international standards, also for special applications such as ATEX and SIL. As a matter of course, we also include known upcoming regulations.
  • Replacement Devices
    In order to ensure that your operational processes continue to run, we can provide you with replacement devices in an uncomplicated and timely manner, if required.
  • Advice on Spare Parts
    We also provide advice on the customer's reasonable stocking of spare parts.
  • Individual Requirements
    We fulfil special requirements following consultation and positive feasibility check.
  • Logistics/Commissioning
    If required, e.g. for complex systems, we arrange the necessary logistics and prepare the time schedule for installation and commissioning.
Oblique view of an opened and closed system cabinet for measurement in a cement plant

Project Planning & Engineering of Gas Analysis Systems

We design and manufacture analysis systems in a professional and cost-oriented manner. To be able to calculate a suitable system for you, we need some process data, information on your operating conditions and operating environment in advance.

All relevant questions are listed in the following questionnaire. The completed questionnaire serves as a basis for an initial quotation as well as a guideline for project planning and will therefore, in its final version, be part of a subsequent order acknowledgment. We therefore ask you to answer the questions completely. Please send the completed questionnaire to your M&C contact person or to our sales team.



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