Kick-off for the M&C Media Library

Our new media library comes with several maintenance videos. In addition to the clear presentation of the individual components, we also offer useful tips for the maintenance of the respective M&C products.

With our new media library, we are also addressing technical newcomers and lateral entrants to the national and international markets in particular by providing valuable assistance here.

With the carefully designed and elaborately produced new maintenance videos, M&C is starting to build up its own series of video productions, which will be further supplemented in the coming years and continuously expanded to include other M&C products as well as other relevant topics. M&C is thus offering substantial entry-level support and clear, easy-to-understand training opportunities for direct use by our corporate customers and at any time.

We are pleased to be able to consistently expand our customer-oriented service chain in this way. Further topics are currently being planned or are already in progress.