Apprenticeship by M&C

Having already conducted successful vocational programs for apprentices in the commercial sector (Ratingen site) and the technical field (Aach site) several times in recent years, M&C now also offers newly created and modern opportunities to train up to four junior employees at the same time at the Group Factory in Ratingen.

However, the M&C management and the employees responsible for mentoring agreed that a gradual increase in activities in this area would be advisable, which is why initially only two apprentices were sought and ultimately recruited. With four apprentices from 2024, the full training capacity can be utilized provided M&C’s offer meets with corresponding demand.

After completing the three-and-a-half-year training, the two apprentices of the year 2023 will work as “Electronics Technicians for Devices and Systems”. The common objective for 2027 is to strengthen the M&C production team should there be mutual interest and if a qualified degree is achieved.

We are very happy that the start of the vocational technical training has already been successful.