Internal Relocation

Always on the move – this motto applies not only to our global market activities and within our in-house gym, but also to our offices and other functional spaces.

The preliminary final stage in the commissioning of our new extension building at the Ratingen site is the relocation of some Departments from our Group Head Office building, which will accommodate other Departments in return. In this way, we are optimizing our space utilization concept and creating growth reserves at the right places in the company.

These relocations will also result in operational advantages – our Sales/Internal Sales and System Engineering Departments that are actively working on the market and our Support Departments, such as Marketing and Editing, will in future be linked to each other – on the same floor – by literally very short distances. We are thus improving internal communication and interaction at major points. Our customers will also benefit from this close cooperation because short paths result in fast reactions and swift answers to technical and/or commercial questions.

In one of the following “News” articles, we will present the new M&C working environments.

Here are already a few sneak peeks of the moving days.