New Building Aach

Further Expansion of the Operating Plant in Aach.


The southern German plant in Aach near Lake Constance was already expanded in 2015 by creating a new side wing for the M&C core company and the subsidiary M&C TechGroup MechParts. The continuing national and international business success of the M&C Group of Companies now makes it necessary to add another production building to the Aach branch of M&C.

A first impression is given by this visualization of the building, shown here in the front part of the picture along with the connection to our construction project from 2015.

The completion of the new building is planned for the end of 2024. After moving into the building in spring 2025, M&C will completely reorganize the entire production facility of the site in a second investment step and enlarge individual manufacturing areas in line with requirements. As already promised at the end of 2022, the entire production facility will also receive almost completely new production equipment similar to that at the Ratingen site.

In addition, the office space reserve provides further rooms which will be used in the future. The extension and conversion will lead to the creation of additional qualified jobs for skilled workers in several operating areas. The investment volume of all measures will amount to approx. € 6.5 million.  

The required building application has already been filed in the meantime, so it is highly probable that the tight schedule can be met. We will report on further details of this new construction project shortly.