Whistleblower Protection Act

The legislator has resolved a new law (“Whistleblower Protection Act”) across the EU and passed it. With effect from December 1, 2023, medium-sized companies must now also comply with this law, as is already the case for all large companies.

The aim of this legislation is to be able to report and prosecute possible infringements of the law in companies more easily. If a company's own employees, market partners, suppliers, service providers or customers become aware of possibly illegal activities or suspect them, these activities can be reported confidentially to an internal contact point.  Of course, this only applies to processes that affect parts of the M&C Group or the Group as a whole.

To comply with this law and to ensure the operational implementation, we have set up an electronic reporting channel, which is available with immediate effect:


Furthermore, M&C has appointed an officer and a deputy to monitor compliance with the legal requirements; both are responsible for managing the electronic mailbox and for initiating any necessary follow-up activities. With regard to all incoming information, it is important to point out that false reports in individual cases – depending on their severity – can explicitly result in substantial sanctions.

As a principle, other internal departments at M&C have no access to any reports that may be submitted; both the independence of the officers and the anonymity of the reporting persons are safeguarded in each individual case. However, a possibility to directly and openly address any problems that may exist in this regard still exists – and is just as confidential.