Liquid Stop LB-1/PV

Part No.: 03F4005

Product features

  • Safe protection against liquid ingress
  • Reliable separation of condensate
  • Gas pressure: 0.3–2 bar abs., ∆P max. 0.5 bar
  • Temperature sample gas: max. +80 °C [+176 °C]
  • Easy change of the hydrophobic protective membrane
  • Including wall-mounting bracket
  • Material of sample-contacting parts: PVDF, FKM, PTFE, Polyester, glass

Product information & downloads

Spare parts
Liquid Stop LB-1/PV

Diaphragm filter for CLF-5/W and LB-1
Part No.: 90F3510

Diaphragm filter for CLF‑5/W and LB‑1

Filter frit for CLF-5/W and LB-1
Part No.: 90F3520

Filter frit for CLF‑5/W and LB‑1

Flat ring CLF-5/25, PTFE
Part No.: 90F3525

Flat ring for CLF‑5/25 and LB‑1, PTFE

O-Ring, Viton, 21,00x2,00
Part No.: 90F3515

O‑ring (21 x 2 mm) for CLF‑5 CG‑2 and LB‑1, material: Viton®

O-Ring, Viton, 23,00x1,50 LB-1
Part No.: 90F4020

O‑ring (23) for LB‑1, material: Viton®

LB-1 spare part set
Part No.: 90F4030

LB‑1 spare part set consisting of: 90F3520 Filter frit, 90F3525 flat ring, 90F4020 o‑ring 23 x 1,5 V, 90F3515 o‑ring 21 x 2 V 90F3510 diaphragm filter

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