Declaration on Conflict Materials

In July 2020, the "Dodd‑Frank Wall Street Reform" and the "Consumer Protection Act (Wall Street Reform Act)" came into force. This reform imposes documentation and publicity obligations on companies for certain materials such as tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold to ensure that no conflict material is used in their products.

M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH is aware of its social responsibility with respect to the environment, safety, health and human rights and supports the goals of this reform.

In our products we exclusively use electronic parts and components from well‑known manufacturers and long‑standing, trusted distributors. As a manufacturer of terminal equipment, however, we have no direct influence on the origin of minerals used by our suppliers of components and structural elements. Therefore, we cannot assume any express warranty in this respect. We are committed to the traceability and transparency of our suppliers' products, and many manufacturers and distributors use their websites to provide information on material properties and origin. We have obtained appropriate information from our suppliers and, according to our current knowledge, no conflict material is used by our suppliers.

M&C TechGroup does not carry out direct imports of conflict materials from the affected countries. We can therefore confirm that, to the best of our current knowledge, there is no conflict material contained in our products.

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