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Environment protection

M&C’s Environmental Management. A permanent and vital part of our business.


Active environment protection. It’s a responsibility for the entire company.

The demand for environmental protection.
Our environment needs active and sustainable protection. Any of us can contribute to protect the environment, and we as a company can do even more. For M&C protecting the environment is not only a task, but also one of our main goals.

M&C has designed and further developed an effective and active environmental management system. We promote environmental awareness inside and outside the company. Everyone at M&C helps to protect the environment by monitoring and adapting better environment-friendly solutions in our daily lives. It is in our own interest to promote environmental protection – active and responsible.

The Realization.
No - M&C does not have an environmental management system certified according to EN ISO 14001:2004. This standard is a huge step in the right direction, but it defines a comprehensive environmental management system, which is not tailored enough to our specific business and individual job functions.  

Our production and organization is not considered as an emission source. We do not harm the environment by air, soil or water pollution - and, incidentally, not even by noise pollution, as our neighbours gladly confirm.

We are not certified, but we comply in our production and organization with some of the EU directives regarding environmental protection. Our reference points are the EU Directives Nr. 761/2001 and Nr. 196/2006 with their annexes, which are based on EN ISO 14001:2004.

Buildings and production facilities.
The M&C administration and production buildings, as well as the production equipment, are environment-friendly. That means that according to the standard environmental protection measures, they do not cause any harm to the environment - neither internally, nor externally.

We are committed to using renewable energy. To minimize consumption of resources we have equipped our buildings with solar power systems. In addition, M&C also uses geothermal energy for its buildings.  

We work continuously to minimize the toxic content of our products.  Preferably we only offer products without hazardous substances. Environmental protection plays an important role by selecting and using new parts and materials (raw material, operating material and supplies) for prototypes and for our standard products.

We are certified to the EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard. To maintain this certification, we need to improve our processes and products continuously - for us, a big part of improvement is to implement measures to safeguard our environment.  

For example, we have already successfully eliminated hazardous substances like mercury, cadmium, lead, etc. in some of our products.

However, trace quantities of certain hazardous materials still remain within the M&C production. The occurrence of these materials results from preceding production processes and represents a very small part of our manufacturing process. We list all these harmful substances in a registry. This registry is integrated in our quality management system within the chapter “Resource management / work environment”. Our company is regularly audited by an independent institute to evaluate our environmental compliance and security measures.  

M&C is a member of the German “ear Foundation” (elektro-algeräte register = national register for waste electrical equipment). This organisation was founded to develop a practical management of resource cycles for electronic waste.  In order to comply with the regulation 2002/96/EG of 2003 and the German „ElektroG“ (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act), M&C regularly reports its delivery quantities to the “ear Foundation”. They monitor the delivered quantities of the member companies to ensure the recycling of the electronic parts. With these measures we actively contribute to the recycling of electronic waste.  

Our personal contribution to safeguard the environment.
For our every day environmental protection at M&C, we separate waste, reduce paper and solvent consumption, use environmentally-friendly packaging and take care of the appropriate disposal of obsolete electrical devices. We constantly and actively contribute to protect our environment.

This is not just empty talk- it’s our conscious reality

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