The Corporate Structure

Since its foundation in 1985 until today, M&C has written a remarkable growth story, even compared to its competitors. The German start‑up has developed into a medium-sized group of companies. Thanks to its current structure, it is optimally positioned for global activities.


M&C Company Group

The German group of companies is privately owned and is legally, financially and organizationally independent of third parties and therefore autonomous in every respect.

The individual companies are all limited liability companies (GmbH) under German law. All companies bear the preceding designation “M&C TechGroup” in their company name in order to document their affiliation to the group of companies.  

The M&C Group is active on the world market and generates a considerable proportion of its revenues abroad. However, the domestic market continues to be Germany.

Group Structure

The parent company of M&C is a holding company in which all M&C companies are incorporated. The holding company is based in Ratingen.

Operative Subsidiaries

Below the holding company, the core of the group is composed of the operating companies. The subsidiaries serving the markets are located in the USA, China, India, Russia and in the United Arab Emirates. 

The “core company” is the German GmbH, also based in Ratingen.

Further Companies

In addition to the operating subsidiaries, there are further M&C companies that fulfil special tasks within the group of companies.

M&C TechGroup MechParts produces mechanical components for the manufacture of M&C products as well as for third parties.

M&C TechGroup SalesService is the employer for all sales employees working abroad, unless they are assigned to other M&C subsidiaries.

The foreign M&C properties are owned and managed by M&C TechGroup RealEstate.

Private Equity Company

M&C TechGroup Gentics Holding GmbH, through which M&C realizes investment activities, is also under the roof of M&C TechGroup Holding.

In this context, M&C is looking for holding opportunities exclusively within its own industry and its periphery but does not want to act as a financial investor.

The subsidiaries operating on the market are supported by M&C sales offices and area management representatives in a large variety of countries. For Germany, Austria and Switzerland, separate technical offices are at your service.

You can find your direct contact person here:

Holding Activities

Wi.Tec Sensorik


In 2019, M&C TechGroup has entered into a strategic partnership with Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH and will support this company as a shareholder.

The common goals of both companies are to create synergies, combine technological know-how and additionally to jointly develop new customer relationships or strengthen the existing customer base with new offers.

Specialized in photometric gas measurement technology, Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH is a young company that offers high-quality OEM solutions for environmental and process measurement technology.


In 2021, the second equity investment was made to participate in the startup company compprice analytical components.

In the coming months, the young company will expand its structured market development in a targeted manner.

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