New Extractive Probe for the North American Market

To meet the specific requirements of the North American market, the extraction probe SP180‑H‑US was developed and certified. The SP180‑H‑US has obtained formal certification to UL and CSA standards for general purpose area installations and UL standards for hazardous area locations. The probe design includes an innovative heat insulating, weatherproof silicone boot which can maintain the heated filter chamber temperature in ambient temperatures to –40 °C/F. Temperature output options allow for the control of the probe using a remote temperature controller. The self‑regulating heater elements avoid the use of thermal snap switches for temperature control while providing overtemp safety protection. Additional probe options include filter blowback and stainless steel and fiberglass enclosures. The SP180‑H‑US probe is "Made in the USA" and manufactured in M&C TechGroup NorthAmerica's New Product Development Center in Reno, NV.

The SP180‑H‑US product design is a collaboration of the Global Development Team between M&C TechGroup Germany and M&C TechGroup NorthAmerica. The Global Development Team is able to utilize M&C TechGroup's 35 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence to meet the specific needs of the North American market.

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