M&C as a Known Consignor

Fast worldwide transport without delays due to controls at the airport. To ensure that the new production site in Ratingen also belongs to the “Known Consignors” in Germany and is thus authorized to send “secure” air freight, many test criteria need to be fulfilled right from the construction planning. These include securing the outside area by means of a fence and an electric gate, access procedures for the operating site using a transponder system, as well as alarm systems and a 24-hour security service. All employees who have access to the “area requiring equivalent protection” are obligated to pass a background check in accordance with §7 LuftSiG (Aviation Security Act) and are trained in accordance with the regulation DVO (EU) 2015/1998

The elaborately prepared Known Consignor Assurance Scheme is then submitted to and checked by the Federal Aviation Authority. The costs amounting to an almost six-digit sum in euro and the effort are worthwhile: Owing to the certification, special inspections, which can sometimes take several days resulting in an incalculable delay in delivery and incurring additional costs, are avoided. The goods remain in their original packaging and are not exposed to potential damage which is an additional advantage. Furthermore, shipping is carried out at the highest security level and the customer does not have to bear extra product costs due to security measures such as scanning and X-ray checks. Overall, a worthwhile M&C investment, in our opinion.

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