Investment volume for 2023 increased again

In addition to the already firmly planned investments in the conversion and modernization of the Group's Head Office at its largest German location in Ratingen, it has recently been decided to make further investments in M&C’s future viability.

In 2023, the machine equipment of the subsidiary M&C MechParts, located in Aach, is to be strengthened by new investments amounting to a large six-digit figure. Respective orders will be specified and placed before the end of 2022.

In the first half of 2023, high-quality investments are also to be made in the general equipment of the functional units Assembly and Warehouse/Logistics so that both areas of activity will be modernized accordingly, thereby increasing their productivity and attractiveness in equal measure.

M&C is thus consistently pursuing its “Made in Germany Policy”, safeguarding existing jobs and preparing for the creation of new job opportunities in the coming business years.

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