Steel Industry

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Key challenges in the metallurgical and steel sector

  • Higher dust emission,
  • uneven particle size distribution,
  • water vapour dew-points,
  • acid dew-points,
  • corrosion,
  • extreme temperatures,
  • raw material contamination,
  • operator safety,
  • legal requirements (ie. emissions control and reporting).

Gas analysis is an important tool in the process management of steel and metals industries – from furnace and conversion processes, to casting, finishing and rolling mills. Associated processes are energy distribution, sintering and coking production. The main function of process control is to optimise the whole process with regard to energy and material usage as well as product quality:

  • Evaluation and management of a production process
  • Influence of measured parameters on key operational performance
  • Critically important gas compositions i.e. for energy consumption (fuel/air ratio)
  • Risk and hazard management associated with toxic gases
  • Knowledge of reaction yield through by-product analysis
  • Information about corrosive gases for plant asset protection

Gas emissions from raw materials, caused by contaminants in the ore, are measurable, i.e. sulfur dioxid

M&C products provide

  • Conditioning of gases from manufacturing processes
  • Appropriate corrosion proof and temperature resistant materials
  • Filtration technologies for all expected particle sizes
  • Mitigation of adverse affects of acid and water dew-points
  • Fulfillment of all requirements for cooling and filtration of acids
  • Management of water vapor and acid dew-points for analyzer requirements
  • Associated optimisation of sample gas pumps and filters
  • Also, liquid and flow alarms from one single supplier

M&C engineers are expert in most of the different processes in steel and metals industries. They are highly skilled in recognizing the measurement duty, assessment of problems and will work closely with the customers to deliver the best gas analysis solutions. Renowned characteristics of M&C products are:

  • Low maintenance and reliable operation
  • Durable products and systems
  • Rapid cost benefit through extended life-cycle
  • Modern and application-specific solutions
  • Specialist explosion-proof design

In practice, different options may be available to achieve the required goals. To discuss the most suitable solutions to meet your specific needs and technical requirements, we would welcome your personal contact at any time.

Steel Industry

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