Portable Gas Conditioning System PSS5C

Part No.: 01G4000A

Product features

  • Portable gas conditioning unit inside an impact-resistant case with integrated trolley system
  • Case complies with protection class IP42 as required by the EN 15267-4:2017 standard
  • With standard-compliant temperature monitoring and temperature display visible from outside
  • Equipped with high-performance ECP1000C gas cooler (max. 150 Nl/h) as standard
  • Gas outlet dew point adjustable from +2 to +15 °C [+35.6 to +59 °F]
  • Dew point stability < ±0.1 °C [±0.18 °F]
  • Ready for operation in less than 3 minutes
  • Power: 115 V
  • Optionally: mA output for cooler temperature monitoring
  • Optionally: heat exchanger with gas temperature monitoring
  • Optionally: tool-free mounting of the heated sample gas line

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Portable Gas Conditioning System PSS5C

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