Peltier Gas Cooler ECP3000

Part No.: 01K3100X

Product features

  • Peltier gas cooler for 1 Jet-Stream heat exchanger with a gas flow rate of max. 350 Nl/h
  • Adjustable gas outlet dew point with a stability of < ±0.1 °C [±0.18 °F] at constant conditions
  • With a total cooling capacity of 90 kJ/h at +25 °C [+77 °F] ambient temperature
  • Ambient temperature up to +50 °C [+122 °F]
  • With status alarm contact
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Power: 115/230 V (switchable)
  • Optionally: 1 Jet-Stream heat exchanger

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Peltier Gas Cooler ECP3000

Peltier Gas Cooler ECP3000

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