Gas Sample Probe SP2200-H/C/I/BB-F

Part No.: 20S2015

Product features

  • Heated gas sample probe for processes with high dust levels
  • 2 integrated check valves: for test gas and purge gas application
  • Purge gas is fed via the filter element into the process for back-purging
  • Pneumatic shut-off valve closes sample gas outlet during test gas feeding or back-purging
  • Including weather protective cover
  • Filter housing and mounting flange can be heated to max. 180 °C [356 °F]
  • With ceramic filter element, other filter materials are optional
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Low dead volume
  • Power: 230 V
  • Material of sample-contacting parts: stainless steel, FKM, Novapress®, ceramic

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Gas Sample Probe SP2200-H/C/I/BB-F

Gas Sample Probe SP2200-H/C/I/BB-F

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