Bellows Pump MP-F10/EX

Part No.: 05P1105

Product features

  • Full PTFE bellows pump
  • Explosion-proof version according to ATEX suitable for gases of zone 1 and for mounting in zone 1
  • Pump head can be rotated in 90° steps and connected to the gas line from the top or side
  • Max. capacity: approx. 10 Nl/min with a counter-pressure of ±50 mbar on the vacuum and pressure side
  • Max. operating pressure range: 0.3 to 2.5 bar abs.
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 100 % lubricant-free
  • High level of gas tightness
  • Long service life
  • Power: 230 V/50 Hz, optionally 230 V/60 Hz
  • Material of sample-contacting parts: PTFE, PFA, FEP
  • Optionally: upper part of the pump head made of stainless steel


Product information & downloads

Spare parts
Bellows Pump MP-F10/EX

Bellows, PTFE, MP-F
Part No.: 95P0010

Bellows for pump type MP‑F, material: PTFE

O-ring, FEP, 18x2, MP-F
Part No.: 95P0035

O‑ring, FEP, 18 x 2 for bellows pump MP‑F

MP47/MP-F, valve plate, PTFE
Part No.: 90P1110

Valve plate type T for MP47 and MP‑F, 1 piece

Bellows Pump MP-F10/EX

Mounting bracket for MP-F
Part No.: 05P1050

Mounting bracket for pump MP‑F/MP‑F Ex with 4 vibration dampers M6

MP-F XX, pump head SS 1/4" NPT, option
Part No.: 05P1060

Option: MP‑F XX pump with stainless steel head, connections: 1/4 " NPT

MP-F XX, pump head SS with valve, option
Part No.: 05P1070

Option: MP‑F XX, pump head out of stainless steel with needle valve out of PVDF, connections: 1/4" NPT

Motor protective circuit breakers 0.63-1 A
Part No.: S10002

Motor protective circuit breakers for MP‑F EX, 230 V, MP 47, 230 V, MP 47Z, 230 V, 0.63‑1 A

Motor protective circuit breakers 1.6 -2.5 A
Part No.: S10022

Motor Protective Circuit Breakers for MP‑F EX, 115 V, 1.6 ‑2.5 A

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