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Working at M&C.
Everything works together: Good benefits and good corporate feeling.

M&C is a strong worldwide brand with a solid financial basis and still growing global market activities. These are just two of the many reasons which make M&C as a group a very attractive employer.

Our career page contains all the information about essential aspects like job opportunities and contacts but it will never be able to replace a personal contact. Please feel free to contact us directly at any time you like.

Additionally, you will find further interesting and relevant company information on this homepage as well as in other presentations of our group. This includes the organizational chart, the history of the company and the introduction of our brand.

Why M&C?
The important aspects which characterize M&C are more than just the above average working conditions and atmosphere.
We are continuously improving both the professional and social aspects of working at M&C trying to make work life attractive.
Although M&C is a profit orientated group of companies, we do not forget taking care of all people working for M&C all over the world.

Fortunately, this positive impression is also shared by others due to the following advantages:
• Safe jobs due to the company being profitable year after year
• Above average salary with extra bonus options linked to company results paid every year
• Stable company locations with good concepts for the future
• High employment continuity – M&C has an above average service record
• Good brand recognition and image of company and products
• Clear, reliable company policy in every respect
• Private ownership without any corporate dependency
• Leadership behavior dedicated to appreciation and openness
• Positive working atmosphere which supports and develops individual freedom

Working contracts.
In general M&C offers only permanent working contracts. We i.e. do not use temporary employment contracts or underpaid trainee programs.
The well-functioning flexible time program enables our employees to enjoy individual freedom. Individual personal clauses within a working contract are possible if they also fit in the needs of the company.

Career opportunities will always be offered to the existing workforce first.

Working enviroment.
We equip our workplaces well above the average and offer small offices with air conditioning and big windows.
We do not have open plan offices. The rooms are comfortably furnished. For meetings or breaks we offer interesting „ Themed “- conference rooms.
For breaks we even provide a balcony or a roof-top terrace at German sites.

We also have a social life at M&C – we i.e. are celebrating individuals' birthdays, Christmas, organizing spontaneous barbecues plus events at other venues. 

Your start at M&C.
After a successful recruitment we always try to provide our new employees with a pleasant start at M&C.
We will take all the time necessary to show you around and to present the new departments and people to you.

To help passing the first weeks of your employment we will name a mentor who will guide you when learning the new procedures and who will answer all your questions. The work climate at M&C is friendly, easy and open so that you should be able to quickly find new relationships at our company.

In the period after these first weeks we will regularly discuss with you the progress of the training for the new job to ensure that you are happy and to find out where both sides see options to improve the day-to-day life. We are proud that employment contracts terminated within the probation period are the exception to the rule.

Work experience.
What we look for is defined in our job offers. Here - but also for unsolicited applications - job experience is important but not necessarily decisive. The willingness and ability to learn are also very important to us and may level a missing or small work experience in special cases. So simply try!

Industry-specific experience.
Our expectations regarding industry-specific experience are also part of this process. In the case of an unsolicited application, industry-specific experience is desired but again it is not decisive. In this case the willingness and ability to learn are just as important as work experience. A good attitude and willingness to learn are more important than anything.  Again – simply try and find out!

All employees of M&C must perform their jobs in a qualified manner. Because of this we support all kinds of continuous professional development when it is for the benefit of the individual as well as for the company. Two options occur in our day-to-day life. Either we propose a program or we react to the proposals of our employees. Both are possible and this happens very frequently.

How does a job application work at M&C?
• Send us a complete application.
• We will receive it and confirm its receipt.
• We will check and discuss your application.
• Next, we will contact you as soon as possible.
• You will have a first interview with the management and the heads of the involved department.
• Next, we will have a second interview possibly ending with a detailed job offer.
• We will send you a draft of your working contract.
• This contract will be signed finally.
• We announce your entry internally to the existing staff.

Do I have to consider something when applying electronically?
Please address your application to the personnel department or to the person stated in the job offer. This will shorten the procedure. Please also add your own contact details, i.e. phone number or mail address so that we can contact you, confidentially if necessary.

Are brief job applications disadvantageous?
Basically, we do not object to brief job applications. But we also think that this application form does not provide enough opportunity to introduce yourself positively. In general, we take every application seriously, the last decision is yours. Feel free to elaborate and include any other relevant information.

Is an application by regular mail possible?
We appreciate any kind of application. Therefore, an application by regular mail is of course possible. Only applications by phone are not appreciated.

How soon do I receive a response?
We will immediately send a confirmation of receipt. The duration of the first assessment by M&C may vary due to the availability of all persons involved. We always try to respond as soon as possible.

How does M&C ensure a confidential treatment of my application?
We treat every document confidentially even without special note. Within M&C only the persons involved in the application process will be informed. Provided data or documents will be returned or recoverably destroyed.

Is it possible to apply without a job offer?
We will of course not neglect an unsolicited job offer. We are pleased about every application and also employed several colleagues who contacted us like this. Sometimes even when the first contact was not successful we signed a contract later when new circumstances allowed us to do so. Again - please try!

How long does such a process take?
It is difficult to answer this question as the applicant herself/himself is responsible for the time line. In general, we have no interest whatsoever to delay such a process.


M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH
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