Gas Sample Probe SP180-H-EX1-T2, Zone 1

Part No.: 02S1874

Product features

  • Compact, heated gas sample probe for sampling from zones with explosive gas
  • Approval according to ATEX for sampling from gas Ex zone 1 and temperature class T2
  • With innovative weather protection cover for outdoor mounting
  • With test gas connection according to EN14181
  • Self-regulating probe heating from 150 to 180 °C [302 to 356 °F] corresponding to temperatur class T2
  • With low temperature alarm contact: < 90 °C [194 °F], NO
  • With compact ceramic filter element, other materials available
  • Small dead volume and fast response time
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Power: 110–240 V
  • Material of sample-contacting parts: stainless steel, FKM, ceramic
  • Optionally: sample tube, pre-filter


Product information & downloads

Spare parts
Gas Sample Probe SP180-H-EX1-T2, Zone 1

Filter element S-2K
Part No.: 90S0015

Filter element type S‑2K, length: 75 mm, material: ceramic, filter porosity: 2 µm

Filter element type S-0,1 GF, 75 mm
Part No.: 90S0017

Filter element type S‑0,1GF, length: 75 mm, material: glass fiber, filter porosity: 0.1 µm

Gasket 30, Viton
Part No.: 93S0045

Gasket (30) for filter element, material: Viton®

O-Ring, Viton, 39,00x3,50
Part No.: 93S0020

O‑ring (39) for SP2000 and CLF, material: Viton®

O-Ring, Viton, 55,00x3,50
Part No.: 93S0025

O‑ring (55) for SP2000, material: Viton®

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