Self-Regulating Sample Line 4/50-4EX

Part No.: 01B6410EX

Product features

  • Self-regulating, electrically heated sample line
  • Approval according to ATEX for mounting in explosion zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Ex approved self-limiting heater band
  • Sold by the meter for on-site assembly or optionally factory-assembled according to your specifications
  • Inner tube is replaceable
  • Holding temperature at -20 °C [-4 °F] ambient temperature: +50 °C [+122 °F], temperature class T3
  • Max. length allowed for -20 °C [-4 °F] ambient temperature: 65 m
  • Available up to a length of 99 m
  • Inner tube made of PTFE with Ø DN 4/6
  • Outer jacket is a black corrugated PA hose
  • Operating pressure: max. 3 bar g
  • Electrical connection: for on-site assembly the heater band needs to be connected to an Ex terminal box, for factory assembly a 1 m long heater band is connected to an Ex e terminal box
  • Power: 230 V, 115 V available as option
  • Optionally: factory assembly, accessories for on-site assembly


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Self-Regulating Sample Line 4/50-4EX

Self-Regulating Sample Line 4/50-4EX

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