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Latest Products

Our Product Innovations.

High-Performance "Plug and Play" Peltier Cooler Series
The successor series of our ECP coolers shows a significant increase in performance compared to the previous series. Due to the possible absolute value and differential temperature control, the devices can be integrated into a variety of applications. They fulfil all requirements to ensure user-friendly operation on account of “Plug and Play" modules, a broadband power supply unit (85 V to 240 V), the rapid cooling down to operating temperature (adjustable between 2 and 15 °C) and a new intuitive control panel. Furthermore, the new Peltier cooler series ECP offers the possibility to mount up to two peristaltic pumps and have them supplied by the device.

Further product advantages:

  • Adjustable alarm limits
  • Configurable liquid alarm evaluation for sensors with and without cable break detection
  • Configurable mA output
  • Can be used at ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C  (without extra charge)


New MP-F Bellows Pump
M&C’s new bellows pump comes in a compact design. During its development, the focus was on the longest possible product life cycle. In order to ensure reliable performance especially in demanding environments, high impermeability and corrosion-resistance were taken into account and only diffusion-tight materials were used.


New EN 15267-4:2017 Air Quality Standard
The revised standard EN 15267-4:2017 entails a number of new requirements. The higher requirements include e.g. a higher protection class - IP42, a gas temperature monitored by signal control and a temperature display that is visible from the outside. In order to meet these requirements, the portable M&C gas conditioning system PSS5 has been adjusted accordingly and now complies with all required specifications under the name of PSS5C. In addition, it is easier to use since the case only needs to be opened for maintenance purposes.

Further product advantages:

  • Impact-resistant material
  • 2in1 - Case with integrated trolley
  • Tool-free mounting of the sample gas line to the PSP4000 possible
  • New, high-performance coolers installed (optionally 4 to 20 mA)

Multigas Laser from Airoptic
With Airoptic's technical knowledge and M&C’s application know-how, we always offer you the optimum solution for your purposes. The high-performance in-situ analyzer uses the so-called Interband Cascade Laser (ICL) and is thus the first "real" multi-gas laser on the market. By using several laser types on a common platform, the laser can easily be calibrated for different applications.

Further advantages:

  • Very short measuring times in the millisecond range
  • Very good measuring results, even at high dust loads (50 g/m3)
  • Measurement at 1500 °C
  • Formaldehyde measurement possible
  • First laser measuring with Interband Cascade Laser (ICL) in the mid-infrared range


Oxygen & Multi-Gas Analyzers GenTwo
The new GenTwo oxygen and multi-gas analyzers are completely manufactured in-house and are therefore configurable to the highest flexible degree. The modular design of the devices can be customized to processes and measuring tasks. Furthermore, all GenTwo analyzers can be operated intuitively via a 7” touch color Display.

Oxygen Analyzers
The PMA1000(L) V2.2 uses the paramagnetic dumbbell system. The physical measuring principle is characterized by its accuracy and absolute linearity as well as by its low- drift and long-term stable measurement in the range from 0 to 100 vol% oxygen without consuming any sensor or auxiliary materials. Additional features are pressure transducers for process pressure compensation as well as temperature monitoring and flow indicators. The oxygen analyzer offers the user convenient calibration functions for the zero point and full-scale adjustment both manually and automatically with switch functions for the status output.

Multi-Gas Analyzers
The new multi-gas analyzer platform offers a variety of measuring techniques/sensors: starting with the electrochemical ZrO2 and the paramagnetic oxygen sensors deployed in the PMA1000 analyzer, to thermal conductivity detectors (TCD) to determine H2 up to using NDIR/UV measuring benches to measure CO, CO2, CH4, NO, NO2, SO2, O3, HC, etc. A chemiluminescence module (CLD mini) that can also be integrated enables the measuring of NO. Furthermore, the multi-gas analyzer can be equipped with up to 6 sensors for different fields of application including the corresponding sensor and I/O electronics. Additional features are process transducers for process pressure compensation and optionally for humidity compensation as well as temperature monitoring and flow indicator. To ensure smooth documentation, the measuring values and events are stored for one year in the device. All measuring values are simultaneously available via Modbus and AK communication protocol at the Ethernet port.

Sorbent Trap as an Alternative to the Standard Reference Method for Mercury Measurement
Also new in M&C’s range of products is a sorbent trap device for measuring mercury. The DIN EN 13211 standard, which provides for the sorbent trap as a reference method for measuring mercury, is expected to be adopted at European level by 2019/2020. The Sorbent Trap is a discontinuous device. It actively draws flue gas from the process, which is then pumped through the sorbent trap. This results in an average mercury value over the set exposure time. The device can run for up to two weeks before the Sorbent Traps have to be replaced.

Further product advantages:

  • The Sorbent Trap is less complex than continuous devices
  • Less maintenance compared with continuous devices

Reduction of Sulphur Emissions for the Maritime Industry in 2020
As of January 1, 2020, a reduction in sulphur emissions for all international ships outside the ECAs  from currently 3.5% to 0.5% will come into force. The M&C gas conditioning system SSM0-5 and the sample probe SP180H-MA have been tested by independent certifiers (Germanischer Lloyd). They are designed to help the maritime industry, oil refineries and commodity traders comply with legal requirements by performing the gas analysis process using the analyzer provided by the customer.

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